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2018/2019 Crude Directory Entry Form

Entry form for contacts wishing to be listed in the Crude Oil Directory.
Deadline for submission is February 10th.


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Crude Directory

Online access and availability to purchase a hard copy of the yearly Crude Oil directory. Previously published by companies such as Getty and Shell Trading, now distributed by Truth Resources; the crude directory is historically compiled of marketing or commercial personnel and their support teams for crude oil producing, purchasing, trading, marketing and servicing companies.

Crude Community

Where our community meets; a forum for everyday discussions related, or not related, to crude oil. Weather or advice to news or politics, Off-The-Cuff Channel is a place where any discussion is welcome. The Crude Exchange Channel will be your space for crude related topics. The Swap Meet is our spot to buy, sell or trade with fellow like-minded industry folks. And Nine-To-Five Channel if you’re looking to hire, be hired or have any great leads you’d like to share with the industry.

Crude Events

Virtual calendar for yearly industry, charity and corporate events. Links to the various event websites, event information and registration pages.

Crude Postings

Crude oil price postings and crude bulletins for each individual crude oil company collected into one place.

Crude Resources

United States map linking to each state’s regulatory website and authorized oil and gas forms, career pages for over 60 crude oil companies and useful website links.

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The membership application is exclusively for crude oil personnel and their support departments only. All members of the Crude Oil Directory are eligible for memberships. Applicants with corresponding affiliations to the crude oil industry will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. We do not accept applications from potential solicitors or advertisers and reserve the right to deny membership to any person(s) deemed not eligible. Membership is valid for one year from the date of purchase and will need to be renewed yearly, no recurring payments. There is no penalty or refunds for cancellation pro-rata. Membership is for the registered user only. Group discounts available. For more information please email:

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